Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the jolly hangman of singapore

hahahha..funny how excited i was when i started this blog..i was so excited that i was so confident i will manage to maintain posting each of every day like what most bloggers did..well..well..since i know myself suprise to it..ermm..lots of things happened in the past few months..

hurmmm wat so impress about this book??sure u alls tertanya tanya kan...act nothing..."nothing but owesome"coz this book introduce by my friends 'lovely friends'...for me ada special nye...hehe

anyway many thanxs to my friends emi marliza @ hasnida and very big thanxs to ms melissa ramli a.k.a lisa@mel@babe..hehe..sori babe i terover expose u lak coz volunteer accompany i p browse bandaalah nie...aishhh lucky klcc not to far from our office if not sure diorang membebel x ingat punya..hahahah !! i bought this book at "kinokuniya bookstore klcc" i got two copies ok..:p so tamak kan :)
act i nak upload picture that book so easy u guys nak explore mcm mn la ropenye buku tu kan,tp al maklumla i budak baru nak belajar so tak berapa nak familiar lagi kat page nie...sorry banyak2 k..nti i study lagi camne nak memperkotak katikkan semua nie...hahahahah..
i shall stop now :p till later...

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