Tuesday, 27 July 2010

1st experiance as a amateur blogger

Heyya people!!!

I always wanted to have my own page and start blogging about anything that passed through my everyday's life..but what stopped me? I have no clue either..mayb just that I am not that keen in writing..but I really enjoy reading anyone's blog..sometimes I just randomly strike into someone's blog (not even I know them)..

I remembered last time I had few tries on blogging, create own page but well..nothing last to even the second post:P Hope this one will last..we shall see:P

I've been jumping from one chapter to another chapter of life.. (to be..)..I wished I had some write up about everything that I've gone through in each of the chapter apart from photos taken..but guess I don't have it..perhaps I should start with this one before the liltle angle come out..at least I can share some experience during my life
Guess first post shouldn't be too long ya..I shall stop now..let's see how long I will take to the next post:P till laterssss.....