Thursday, 29 July 2010

lunch @ fun @ roadtour

wahhh..improving..third post dah ni:) hahahahah..during lunch hour just now..having my lunch wif my friends effa & lisa..nothing interesting about that,just a girls chat..biasa la perempuan kan, lunch hour adalah masa yang sangat dinanti nantikan...(yeah yeah gossip taim) hahaha...i makan ape tadi erkkk?? nak syer dengan u alls, ermmmm..owhh ya my favourite dish asam laksa la.. yeehhaaa :)....u alls guys, kalau nak taw  i nie memang hantu laksa,hantu sangat sangat.. kalau dapat makan hari hari pun tak kisah, confirm tak akan jemu punya.. coz i'm loyal..very loyal..stick to the one la katakan..hehe..(ade kena mengena ke laksa ngan loyal? ermmm ntah la u alls..ade la kot!!eh xde kot!! )..ahhhhhh biaq p la kat dia...malas cheq nak pk..:p

tomorrow were are plan to hav some fun..yes it's party time...ari yang ditunggu tunggu akhirnya tiba jugak..:p
no lah saje nak wat gempak.. go to karaoke je pun...but it's not karaoke jamban erkk!! repeat !! not karaoke jamban :p so besok lepas abis taim keje je...zupppppppppppp cargas terus ke "news ktw imbi".ala depan times square tu...if u alls x taw i  kali nie 6 org, yuppp 6 orang aje..kira ok la tu kan coz nti x la berebut rebut mic..hahaha..ade sape2 nak joint lagi..please private message me..:)p

next day nya i will be away from town for 9 days..just a short break !!! really can't wait..were are heading ke belah belah utara called roadtour..ahaha..from kl kitorang akan ke perak,kedah.penang & last sekali maybe langkawi itupun kalau sempat...if not maybe next time.i akan balik kl next week nya before1st puasa.

i shall stop insyaallah i akan update blog nie after i balik dari road tour percutian i.
hope everything goes well seperti yang see yaaa..till latersssssss

memberi tidak pernah meminta :p

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the jolly hangman of singapore

hahahha..funny how excited i was when i started this blog..i was so excited that i was so confident i will manage to maintain posting each of every day like what most bloggers did..well..well..since i know myself suprise to it..ermm..lots of things happened in the past few months..

hurmmm wat so impress about this book??sure u alls tertanya tanya kan...act nothing..."nothing but owesome"coz this book introduce by my friends 'lovely friends'...for me ada special nye...hehe

anyway many thanxs to my friends emi marliza @ hasnida and very big thanxs to ms melissa ramli a.k.a lisa@mel@babe..hehe..sori babe i terover expose u lak coz volunteer accompany i p browse bandaalah nie...aishhh lucky klcc not to far from our office if not sure diorang membebel x ingat punya..hahahah !! i bought this book at "kinokuniya bookstore klcc" i got two copies ok..:p so tamak kan :)
act i nak upload picture that book so easy u guys nak explore mcm mn la ropenye buku tu kan,tp al maklumla i budak baru nak belajar so tak berapa nak familiar lagi kat page nie...sorry banyak2 k..nti i study lagi camne nak memperkotak katikkan semua nie...hahahahah..
i shall stop now :p till later...

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

1st experiance as a amateur blogger

Heyya people!!!

I always wanted to have my own page and start blogging about anything that passed through my everyday's life..but what stopped me? I have no clue either..mayb just that I am not that keen in writing..but I really enjoy reading anyone's blog..sometimes I just randomly strike into someone's blog (not even I know them)..

I remembered last time I had few tries on blogging, create own page but well..nothing last to even the second post:P Hope this one will last..we shall see:P

I've been jumping from one chapter to another chapter of life.. (to be..)..I wished I had some write up about everything that I've gone through in each of the chapter apart from photos taken..but guess I don't have it..perhaps I should start with this one before the liltle angle come least I can share some experience during my life
Guess first post shouldn't be too long ya..I shall stop now..let's see how long I will take to the next post:P till laterssss.....